Exam Material

Exam Material

During examination, regardless if you choose to play with or without music, candidates must bring along the appropriate examination material published by the Central Conservatory of Music. Photocopy is not allowed and without the valid examination book, candidate may be disqualifed from taking the exam. There are two books for each instrument categorized by grade levels. Candidates only need to get the book for the grade level he or she is applying. Price List:

Instrument Grade 1-6 Grade 7-9 & Performance Certificate
Erhu $25 $28
Pipa $35 $35
Yangqin $25 $28
Guzheng $25 $28
Zhongruan $25 $25
Suona $35 $35
Dizi $27 $27
Sheng to be updated to be updated

Material can be purchased directly from CYCS (408-937-4616 / info@uscycs.org) or through your music instructor.

See song list on these books.


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