Summer Music Program 2017
 Jun 25 – Jul 30

Summer Music Program 2017
 Jun 25 – Jul 30

6-week Summer Music Class for Beginners


  • To promote Chinese music and instruments & inspire children an interest in music

Class Dates

  • June 25  – July 30 (Every Sunday for 6 weeks)
  • 6/25 (orientation), 7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30 (recital)

See Instruments.
Online registration is now open. See more details.


  • Minimum age varies. Adults: please contact regarding class availability.
  • No experience required.                           


  • To register, fill out an online registration.
  • Non-refundable registration fees: $40. 
  • Already registered but still need to pay the registration fees? Pay by Paypal

Class Assignment

  • Class size is limited. Size varies depending on instruments.
  • Placement to class is first come first serve after registration completes. Students who only register but did not complete the fees payment will be dropped automatically. 
  • In general, two sessions are available and the class assignment is primarily based on student’s age. The age requirement serves as a guideline. If student’s age and the age requirement is a few months different, it is still acceptable. 
  • Actual class assignment will be available in early June.

6-week Class Schedule

  • June 25 (Sun) All students will be attending orientation at the same time around 9:45am. Students will meet with individual instructors to get rental instruments. If you have your own instrument, instructors will also check or tune the instrument to ensure it can be used. 
  • July 2, July 9, July 16, July 23 (Sun) Students will meet at their scheduled class time for instrument / percussion / choir. See table below.
  • July 30 (Sun) – Students will meet partially for class on that day. Students will perform in a half-hour recital 11:00-11:30am.

        Class Schedule  
* Final schedule may vary depending on final enrollment. 

Cancelled:  Guzheng 10:30am   /  Erhu 9:30am / Suona 11:30am
New:    Guzheng 12:30pm 

* Guzheng classes start one week later: 7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 8/6
** Cello additional class fees applies. Click for more details.

 Selecting an instrument

  • Please see our instruments section for an introduction on the different instruments or watch our performance videos on YouTube channel (
  • Avoid switching instruments after the first day of class as we may not able to get another instrument for you.

Instrument Rental / Purchase

  • Each student is required to have his or her instrument for class participation (except Chinese percussion where drums will be provided during class).
  • Students who do not have instruments are recommended to rent or purchase from CYCS. From past experiences, many instruments purchased elsewhere do not meet up with the quality expectation.
  • For all instruments (Chinese & Western instruments), rental or purchase must be indicated during registration time so instruments can be prepared in advance.

  • Rental fee is $80 for 2 months (Jun 25 – Aug 27). Students may take instrument home for practice. Rental fee is payable at the time of registration. If CYCS is unable to get the instrument, rental fees will be refunded in full.
  • If students are interested in continuing and they decide to purchase the instrument, the rental fees already paid can be fully applied towards the purchase as long as the purchase is on or before 8/27/2017 (Sunday).
  • There will be $10/week penalty if instrument does not get returned by Aug 27. 
  • Students should take good care of the instruments. Any broken strings or parts that need major repair will be charged separately.
  • For Guzheng rental, there will be a separate check deposit due first day of class before you receive your instrument.
  • For Cello rental, see cello class for more details.

Other Information

  • Music stands: Students may be required to bring their own music stand to class. Music stand can be purchased from any music stores or online.
  • Parent volunteers: In each class, we will need one to two parent volunteers to be the class parent assisting teacher copy music sheets, set up chairs, etc.
  • Student Assistants: In some classes, there may be a couple of senior CYCS students helping out as teaching assistants.
  • Experienced instructors: Learn from some of the highly qualified and professional Chinese instrument masters. See instructors info.
  • Year-long Fall program: Interested students may continue to learn these instruments in the year-long program starting in September 2017. The Fall program starts in September and ends in May the following year. See instrument program. A brief audition may be required at the end of the summer session for students who are interested in continuing or as recommended by the instructor. The year-long program usually has a smaller class size compared to the summer session.
  • Scholarships for Fall: Some instruments such as zhongruansheng, and suona are highly desired instruments in the orchestra but often have a lower enrollment. As such, CYCS offers scholarships for students who learn these instruments in the Fall season. Interested students are encouraged to check out these instruments.


  • Check out the FAQ section for some most commonly asked questions related to the summer program.
  • Email, call 408-937-4616 (Mandarin/daytime), 510-378-9045 (English/evening)
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