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Chinese Percussion 打擊樂 排鼓

Chinese Percussion 打擊樂

The history of Chinese percussion instruments is longer than any other section of traditional Chinese instruments. Common materials used for ...
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yangqin 揚琴

Yangqin 揚琴

The Yangqin 揚琴 is also called a hammered dulcimer. It is played by hitting strings with a pair of bamboo ...
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Konghou 箜篌

Konghou 箜篌

Konghou (double-string harp) is an ancient Chinese harp. It went extinct sometime in the Ming Dynasty, but was revived in ...
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guzheng 古箏

Guzheng 古箏

Guzheng (zither or lap harp) was a very popular instrument during ancient times, as early as the Warring States Period ...
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zhongruan 中阮

Zhongruan 中阮

The Zhongruan 中阮 is also known as the moon guitar that appears much later in Chinese history compared to other ...
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liuqin 柳琴

Liuqin 柳琴

Liuqin (Chinese mandolin) is a high pitch-plucking instrument. For all the difference in size, its structure is similar to that ...
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pipa 琵琶

Pipa 琵琶

Pipa (Chinese lute) 琵琶 resembles the Spanish guitar in some ways. It has a pear-shaped wooden body and has a ...
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sheng 笙

Sheng 笙

Sheng is one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments. The instrument existed as far back as 3,000 years ago. By ...
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suona 嗩吶

Suona 嗩吶

Suona 嗩吶 or Chinese oboe is sometimes also called a trumpet because of its distinctively loud and high-pitched sound. Owing ...
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dizi 笛子 竹笛

Dizi 笛子

The Dizi 笛子 (bamboo flute) is the traditional Chinese flute. They are made of bamboo, which explains why they are ...
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Matouqin 馬頭琴

Matouqin, also known as the Morinhuur (horsehead two-string fiddle). On the Mongolian grasslands goes such a legend. A lord killed ...
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Cello 大提琴

The cello is most closely associated with European classical music. It is part of the standard orchestra and is the ...
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erhu 二胡

Erhu 二胡

Erhu 二胡, also known as two-string violin, the erhu is a Chinese 2-stringed, vertical fiddle that has a history of ...
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