CYCS Student Ambassadors

CYCS Student Ambassadors

2017 “Starlight Melodies” Concert performances from January 15th can be found here:

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California Youth Chinese Symphony (CYCS), is a non-profit organization serving the Bay Area and nation-wide. CMA performs high-quality, diversified traditional Chinese music and creatively integrates East-West music using both Chinese and Western instruments.


What better way is there to celebrate the New Year than a musical celebration filled with joy and prosperity?

The first annual Chinese Music Ambassadors concert, hosted by the musicians of the California Youth Chinese Symphony’s, will be held on January 15th, 2017, 7:00 p.m., at Santa Clara University’s Recital Hall.  The “Starlight Melodies” performance will feature traditional Chinese musical solos and ensemble. Instruments which will be performed include the erhu, pipa, yangqin, guzheng, dizi, suona, sheng, zhongruan, cello, liuqin, and more. The concert will ensure the audience a memorable, festive night and a new year filled with celebration and prosperity.

Ticket sales are available now; contact Sandy Chou at or Wechat ID “sandyhsc” for more information.


由加州青年国乐团旗下的青年音乐大使主办的第一届音乐会“星光情怀”将于2017年1月15日下午7:00在Santa Clara 大学举行。音乐会的内容精彩丰富,您将听到二胡,琵琶,洋琴,古筝,笛子,唢呐,笙,中阮,大提琴,柳琴等各种中国民俗乐器以独奏和合奏的方式穿插演出。这群年轻的音乐家的热情演出将带给您一个难忘的夜晚,也预祝您在新的一年充满喜悦与欢乐!订票请洽 Sandy Chou: sandyhsc68@gmail.com或 微信号 “sandyhsc”。


CMA performs traditional ensembles and solos  in public community cultural events and celebrations that are free of charge and welcome to all. Over the past few years, it has become an unique ensemble as the new American-born generation embraces the Chinese musical heritage. Our mission is to promote musical diversity and enrich the cultural lives of our communities by exposing traditional Chinese music to audiences in the area. Led by many distinguished and highly-acclaimed Chinese music professionals passionate about developing rising young musicians, CYCS offers free instrument classes during the summer and low-cost private lessons throughout the rest of the year.

青年國樂特使團 (CMA) 是加州青少年國樂團( CYCS)旗下的一個非營利性組織, 主要服務於舊金山灣區,並透過不同的交流活動讓音樂傳遞到全美國和世界各地。音樂特使團的目的在於宣揚高品質的中國音樂,它還巧妙地結合了東西方的樂器,讓廣大的愛樂群眾能夠體驗到音樂無國際之美。

What We Do:

  • Community event performances
  • Ensembles, solos, and instrument presentations
  • Places we have performed: companies (Apple, Facebook, Yahoo…), elementary schools, senior centers, libraries, cultural festivals

Instruments played by the ambassadors:

  • Erhu & Gaohu
  • Yangqin
  • Pipa
  • Dizi & Hulusi
  • Zhongruan
  • Guzheng
  • Suona
  • Sheng
  • Liuqin

Current Ambassadors:


Vivian Cheng, 16, is a senior at Lynbrook High who plays the erhu and gaohu.  She joined CYCS in 2013, and has passed level 10 with distinction in the CCOM exam for erhu.  She has won the gold medal in the 2016 Huain Cup. She has also been playing the piano for 10 years, and has passed MTAC Panel. 



Bill Lei, plays Erhu, is a junior in high school. He has been playing the erhu since the first grade, and has passed level 10 of the CCOM exam. He has won two silver medals and one gold medal in the Huain Cup Competition.



2016-8-21-cycs-42-ambassador-20-sizeMy name is Angelina Xu, and I’m 16 years old. I’m a junior at Mission San Jose High School. I’ve been playing the guzheng, also known as the Chinese zither, for 8 years. My hobbies include playing water polo. singing, creative writing, and reading.



ziyiZiyi Smith is in 11th grade.  She has played four years of the Chinese trumpet, suona, seven years of piano, and a year of percussion.  She has passed level 6 in Suona for the CCOM Music Exam, and also level 6 in piano.




Isabella Wang is a junior at Valley Christian High School who loves music and arts. She joined CYCS in 6th grade as a pipa player.




andersenMy name is Anderson Wang.  I am a sophomore at Los Altos High School.  I really enjoy Chinese music and I have played Erhu for 6 years.  I recently joined CYCS and the Ambassador Program.  I have won 2 gold medals in the Huain Cup International Chinese Instrument Competition in 2015 and 2016.



angieAngie Liu, an 9th grader at Brot Harte Middle School.  She has been playing for 4 years.  Angie has passed level 5 of the CCOM pipa exam.





Ziwei Smith is a 9th grader.  He has played almost six years of the zhongruan, 6 years of Chinese flute, 6 years of piano, 2 years of Liuqin, and a year of Suona.  He passed level 5 of Suona in the CCOM exam, level 5 in Dizi, and level 5 in piano as well.



elaineMy name is Elaine Liu and I am in 8th grade and have been playing the Dizi for 7 years.  This year I will be taking level 9 of the CCOM dizi grade level exam.  I have won two gold medals in the Huain Cup International Chinese Instrument Competition.



My name is Sunnamedbobinunny Liu, and I am a 8th grader. I play the cello in CYCS Ambassadors group. My favorite skill in cello is when you have to pluck the strings.  In addition to the Ambassadors group, I am also a member of the CYCS Senior Orchestra and my school’s band.  Besides cello, I also play Erhu.  My favorite course in school is World History. In my free time, I like to play sports: tennis and swimming.  


mayMay Zhang  is a 7th grader at Canyon Middle School.  She has been playing Dizi for four years and has passed CCOM Music Exam Level 8 with distinction.  She has also passed piano CM level 5 with Branch honors and plays the violin in her school orchestra.



sunBrian Wang, 10 years old, is a sixth grader at Millikin Elementary.  He has been playing the Sheng for a year, as well as 4 years of training on the piano.  He has a strong value and passion for both Chinese musician, and the unity of young musicians.



unnamed-1My name is Sandee Liu. I am 11 years old and I am in 6th grade. I have 4 years experience in playing Liuqin.  My favorite song is “ The Moon Represents my Heart”. I play the Liuqin in the Senior Orchestra and the Ambassador group. I also play Erhu in the Junior orchestra.  My favorite subject in school is Science. I also swim and play tennis every week, in my free time.


Jeffrey Xiong, a sophomore at Cupertino High School, started playing erhu in the 3rd grade, and has been playing with CYCS since seventh grade. He is studying for CCOM Level 9 for erhu. Outside of erhu, he plays piano and has competed in the Panel Examination.

Arnold Zhou is a freshman at Homestead High School. He has been playing the zhongruan for 7 years and has passed level 7 of the CCOM Exams.

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